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Vergennes FUSION After-School Program


Spring 2016, Video Production

We are very excited to present a short documentary film, The Story of the US LaVallee.
This video tells the story of the US LaValle and was produced by students at Vergennes Middle School as part of their FUSION After-School Program, a partnership with the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum's STEAM Ship School Partnership Program. The students learned how to shoot their own video, write and record narration, and edit the final video using professional software.

Congratulations Zach Botala Ava Collins Xander DeBlois Jonathan Willis & Jonathan Willis on your hard work producing this video!



Read more about the US La Vallee here.


Fall 2015,SeaPerch ROV Building

SeaPerch ROV Kits allow students to build and dive with their very own underwater robots, or ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) During the Fall of 2015 teams of 7th & 8th graders learned about underwater physics, electronics, and underwater exploration. Watch the video to see their ROVs in action!